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26th Oct 2021

S2 E8 - Who Do You Need to Be to Run a Successful OT Business?

Today we explore the Be Do Have Model. Typically, we start out in life as Have Do Be. As an example, "I need to have more time to grow my business, in order to be make it the successful business I want it to be" I need x to get y. Throughout this episode, think of some of your Have Do Be thought patterns in your life.


Episode Notes

  • What are some of the things that stop us? How do we undo the Have Do Be cycle?

  • What happens when we want to start something new? How does our brain react? And how can we get over that discomfort?

  • Who do we need to be to achieve what we are aiming for? What are some of the qualities and habits that we need?


Episode Resources

More resources: https://www.trishwilliamsconsulting.ca/podcast-resources

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