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11th Jan 2022

S2 E16 - 2021 Year End Wrap Up Part 1

Do you use a strategic plan to reflect on your year and assess your progress? If not – it’s time to start!


In this episode, Trish reviews where her businesses were at the beginning of 2021, then recaps the year with a focus on two areas of her strategic plan – financials and product development.


She also discusses how to make your business a money-making machine without “pulling all the levers” and exhausting yourself.


Trish compares her goals vs the reality of 2021 in these areas:

  • Finances: Spring OT, The OT Entrepreneur Summit, and Trish Williams Consulting

  • Products: The OT Entrepreneur Summit, 100K Club Group Coaching, and an all-new Masterclass for strategic planning.


Some goals were met, some were modified, and other goals were missed.


If you didn’t meet your goals this year, you’re not alone – it’s part of running a business and a learning opportunity.


Having a strategic plan and defined goals allows you to assess your progress and decide where to focus your energy to make your business the money-making machine it’s meant to be.

More resources: https://www.trishwilliamsconsulting.ca/podcast-resources

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