Episode 96

Published on:

23rd May 2023

Ep 96 - Catapult Your Marketing With A Referral Program

Are you ready to unlock the secret weapon that can take your occupational therapy business to new heights? It's time to dive into the power of referral programs in this episode of the OT's Get Paid Podcast!💥

Together, we're about to revolutionize your marketing efforts by leveraging your loyal fans and turning them into your most valuable marketing assets. Exciting, right? 

Picture this… your clients raving about your exceptional services and products, eagerly sharing your brand with their network, and bringing in a steady stream of new clients. 

It's not just a dream—it can become your reality with a well-crafted referral program where you’ll… 

✅ Save time and money on marketing efforts.

✅ Experience higher conversion rates and increased customer loyalty.

✅ Watch your business grow while focusing on what matters most - helping others. 

It isn’t just about client acquisition; it's about building a community of passionate supporters who genuinely want to see you succeed. 

So are you ready to witness your business soar to new heights, leaving your competitors in awe? It's time to make things happen, unleash the full potential of your business, and achieve the financial freedom you deserve!

Tap into the incredible potential of referral programs and pave the way for your success. Let's make it happen together! 

🎯 More leads, higher conversions, and increased customer retention await! 🎯 

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This show is for the Occupational Therapy Entrepreneur who wants to grow and scale their business. We know that OTs lead with service, but what about the financial reward? Yep, we are breaking down those barriers and discussing money! Let’s find out exactly how OT business owners get paid, what they spend their business budgets on, their income and impact goals and how you too can grow a profitable OT business and GET PAID.

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Hey there! I’m Trish.

I'm a warm, outspoken, driven Canadian OT turned business coach with a passion for helping other OT entrepreneurs build a profitable and lasting business. I have been an OT for 27 years and built two successful businesses. My #1 goal is to lay it all on the table to empower you with the tools and resources you need. I spent years as an entrepreneur working IN my business instead of ON my business, and I now know (and can share!) the benefits of truly embodying a CEO lifestyle. I’ve done a lot of growing (and it never truly ends) and unlocked keys to success in business and in life.

In a distinctly OT way.