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29th Mar 2022

S2 E27 - Breaking Out of the Time-Money Trap

Are you creating your business so you can gain more time, more money… or more freedom?

I’ve noticed a theme running through the OTs Get Paid Facebook group, my DMs, and even in the 100K Club coaching program.

Your revenue is tied to your time.

And you can’t step back long enough to work on your business (either by yourself or through coaching) because your income immediately drops off when you take your foot off the gas.

I feel this in my bones, and it inspired this week’s podcast, along with a joy-sparking opportunity that came my way.

This time-money trap keeps so many OTs stuck in hustle-mode and short of your income goals. It’s something I’m determined to help you overcome.

OTs deserve more time, money, AND freedom gosh darn it!

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OTs Get Paid Podcast
This show is for the Occupational Therapy Entrepreneur who wants to grow and scale their business. We know that OTs lead with service, but what about the financial reward? Yep, we are breaking down those barriers and discussing money! Let’s find out exactly how OT business owners get paid, what they spend their business budgets on, their income and impact goals and how you too can grow a profitable OT business and GET PAID.

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Trish Williams

Hey there! I’m Trish.

I'm a warm, outspoken, driven Canadian OT turned business coach with a passion for helping other OT entrepreneurs build a profitable and lasting business. I have been an OT for 27 years and built two successful businesses. My #1 goal is to lay it all on the table to empower you with the tools and resources you need. I spent years as an entrepreneur working IN my business instead of ON my business, and I now know (and can share!) the benefits of truly embodying a CEO lifestyle. I’ve done a lot of growing (and it never truly ends) and unlocked keys to success in business and in life.

In a distinctly OT way.